Letter 2019

As I reflect on the inaugural season of Project 88, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with both pride and gratitude for the success that we enjoyed. What started as a seemingly outlandish idea became reality through the hard work and commitment of a dedicated group of individuals. Since its inception, the number of volunteers working on the project has grown, and our audiences grew exponentially throughout last season. We could not have asked for a more successful first season to propel us forward into 2019. This year, we have an even larger group of amazing artists scheduled to perform. Our line-up includes a wider variety of instruments and musical selections, a Grammy award-winning artist, and the premiere of new works, but our mission remains the same. 

Project 88, named in reference to the number of keys on a piano, aims to bring new opportunities to Berwyn. Our intent is to provide the community access to classical music through not only a series of concerts, but also through educational outreach to the area’s youth. We also desire to integrate other art forms into this project by engaging other talented members of the local community. Our ultimate mission is to establish a music academy in which youth will have free access to high-quality music education. 

As an initiative of Unity Lutheran Church of Berwyn, Project 88 is a non-profit organization that produces three music programs: Into the Musical World: Concerts for Youth, True Unity Classical Concert Series, and Lucile Evans Music Festival. These events serve as fundraisers for the development of these programs and for the establishment of a tuition-free music academy in Berwyn. 

It is my privilege to announce this season on behalf of Project 88 and everyone who helped make this possible. We are honored with your presence and thank you for your support. 

Welcome to our second concert season!

Élider DiPaula

Executive and Artistic Director