Letter 2020

Since its inception, the mission of Project 88 has been to make classical music accessible to the community, promote artistic development, and provide affordable, high-quality music education to the area’s youth. Here in our third season, this mission has continued to grow stronger, thanks to our audience, artists, volunteers, and supporters.

Upon learning that our concerts are free to the public, many people return a look of surprise, as this is a model that’s a bit unconventional. In our first two seasons, we’ve hosted musicians from over 16 different countries, from a variety of backgrounds, and with a wealth of diverse knowledge and skills. Season one presented 14 artists, season two 55, and now in season three about 80. We are proud to have been able to share classical music with the public in an approachable, non-intimidating manner. 

Guest artists have found our venue to be beautifully intimate, and our audiences to be warm, engaging, and appreciative. We’ve had musicians travel not only across states, but also continents, to perform in our space. As with the past two seasons, our artists in season 3 are also volunteering their time for the sake of the organization. We are privileged to host artists who are passionate not only about music, but about bettering the community at large. Similarly, our host, Unity Lutheran Church of Berwyn, and partners such as Guarneri Hall and the General Consulate of Brazil in Chicago, also hold strongly to our mission and walk alongside us in the work that we continue to do.

Finally, we are overjoyed to be opening Project 88 Music Academy in Spring 2020! Thanks to your loyalty and generosity, sixteen local students received full scholarships to study in the Preparatory Program, as the full Academy opens in Fall of this year. With a focus on not only musicianship, but also discipline and the value of hard work, we watch with pride and excitement as our students grow as musicians and as people. 

It is my pleasure to announce this third season of Project 88. We are grateful you are here, and we are thankful for your support. 

Élider DiPaula

Executive and Artistic Director

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