Music Academy

Program Overview

At Project 88 Music Academy, we provide music education to students of all levels, from complete beginners with no prior experience to advanced students working toward a professional career. At Project 88 Music Academy, a course of study encompasses theory classes, private lessons, and performance opportunities to help students grow their music knowledge, performance skills, and artistic style. Students will also be provided opportunities to perform in recitals and masterclasses, as well as attend free recitals by Academy instructors, students, and guest artists. Project 88 Music Academy sets high expectations for its students. We use a unique, thorough curriculum that will provide students with a solid foundation of music knowledge, and will instill strong social and personal values.

Our philosophy is to develop the whole child through music education. Students will learn all aspects of music-making and will be nurtured into responsible, disciplined, life-long learners. Our specially crafted, leveled course of study is designed to help students develop to professional standards regardless of their initial level of experience. We also strive to level the economic playing field for families. We know that high quality music lessons are costly, so we want to create access for youth who desire to learn music.

We use a specially crafted curriculum that includes all core concepts necessary for the art of making music. Students not only learn how to play an instrument; they also learn critical, foundational concepts that will help develop their artistry and grow as knowledgeable musicians.

Preparatory Program

In anticipation of Project 88 Music Academy’s full opening in Spring 2021, we are offering a special eight-week program to help students prepare for the Academy’s placement exam. Students will study either piano or violin through private lessons and group classes, and all students will also receive instruction in music theory. By the end of the preparatory program, students will have received thorough instruction to help them be prepared for the placement exam, which will determine entrance into the Fall program.

Each student will have one private lesson (30 minutes) and one theory class (60 minutes) per week. Students in the string department (violin students) will have an additional group class (60 minutes) during the week. All 16 students admitted to the Preparatory Program will receive full scholarships.

Spring 2021

Beginning in Spring 2021, Project 88 Music Academy will expand its course offerings to include three structured, leveled courses.

Introduction to Music will reach students kindergarten through second grade, with engaging, interactive activities to help young students explore basic concepts of music including pitch, volume, tempo, and rhythm. These ideas will be shared with students in fun, age-appropriate ways.

Apprentice level students will be those entering with no or little musical background. These students will be selected by lottery to study theory, learning basic musical knowledge that will build the foundation for private lessons on a particular instrument.

Developing Artist level students will be those who have passed a placement exam, consisting of a theory test and jury. These students will have demonstrated an understanding of core musical knowledge, and therefore show that they are ready for private lessons with a member of our faculty.